You’re always going to need photos for your website’s product pages or image gallery.  Sometimes it’s quicker and logistically easier to do it yourself once you’ve finished a client’s project, or to photograph your own products.

Here are 5 useful tips to improve the quality of your photos:

1. Set your phone camera to shoot at the highest possible quality.

All cell phones are different, so go into your settings and choose the highest number of pixels available.  This will ensure the best possible image quality.

2. Make sure the light source is behind you.

When shooting outdoors that would be the sun. If you are indoors, stand with your back to the window.  This allows the light to fall onto your subject. Never shoot your subject with the light or window behind them. You’ll get a silhouette!

3.  Wipe the camera lens.

Your fingers touch your camera lens every time you handle your phone. The oil from your skin leaves a misty smudge that makes your images look soft and blurry. Always wipe the lens gently with a soft cloth. Use your T-shirt if nothing else is available…just breathe on the lens and be gentle when you wipe it.

4.  Switch on HDR (if you have it).

HDR (high dynamic range) is a very useful setting if you are shooting INDOORS with light from a window behind or to the side of your subject (see point 2 above).  HDR balances out the exposure for the foreground and background to avoid silhouettes.  It’s also useful OUTDOORS if you have bright background like a setting sun with a darker foreground.  HDR will keep the foreground bright and visible and maintain an even exposure.

5. Hold the camera still.

Avoid the shakes by ensuring that both you and your subject are as steady as possible. Hold your  breath as you take the photo and brace your elbows against your waist or on a table. Most cell phones cameras have image stabilisers, but if the light is low the photo will be blurry if you move.

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