All our websites have a responsive design, which means that they change their layout automatically when viewed on mobile devices. Web pages are divided into sections, one below the other. Each section can have up to 5 columns where content can be added. Content includes Text, Images, Video, Live Twitter feed, Promo Boxes and more. We have 2 templates that can be customised based on the amount of content you have:


  • One-Page Layout:  This is a single web page which is divided into sections. Clicking on the main navigation menu items will scroll down to the relevant section. This layout is perfect for businesses with a small amount of content. Click here for examples below.
  • Multi-Page Layout:  This type of website consists of multiple pages (up to 20) with content on each. The main navigation menu items will open replace the current page with the once just clicked. Click here for examples of this layout.
  • Combo Layout combines mutiple sections on the home page, with other pages that load separately. Click here for an example of this type of website.