with popWeb’s Easy Search Engine Optimisation!

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Establish your Google visibility with top quality content. We will rewrite and restructure your text and images to ensure that your customers find you easily and quickly. 

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We ensure that the architecture of your site is easily navigable and that the engine is sound. Titles, Descriptions and other metadata are setup for each page. 

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Starting with keyword research, we add the right keywords to your content in the right places with internal links that improve the user experience of your site. 


  • Google Business setup
  • Social media header images and avatars for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Create Internal links
  • H1 headings on all pages
  • Headers and Footers correctly formatted
  • Optimised copy high up on each page with keyword inclusion.
  • Keyword research
  • Meta descriptions and titles (metadata)
  • Thumbnail images for search and social
  • Google search console setup, Bing webmaster tools setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Optional social media management (quoted separately)

Pricing starts at R1300 and is determined by the number of pages in your website and their complexity, the number of social platforms required for setup, as well as the extent of your keyword research. 



Your digital footprint goes beyond an e-commerce website. It includes social platforms, maps listings & reviews, analytics, and online marketing, including the right images, video and sound.

Together with our associates at Moonmoth Interactive, we bring all those elements together with a clear roadmap to the future of your business. Our superpower is to really understand your business and help you devise a long term business strategy. Thanks to many years of experience online and a broad world view, we are able to understand your business and how to help drive it forward.