A ZOOM Webinar presented by popWeb

Date:  7 November 2020
Time:  09:30 – 11:00
Price:  R95  (per household / device)

Hosted by:


Founder & CEO of Moonmoth Interactive


Fraudsters and scammers have found easy prey in the online world where we are all exposed.

Email and phone scams, hack attacks, ransomware, social media tricks, online marketplace deception, and more are designed to relieve the unsuspecting of their money.

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Find out what scams are out there and how to spot them. Once you know what to look for you’ll wonder how you never spotted them before. 

Social Engineering: what is it, how do people fall prey and how to avoid it.

Your Google account is your gateway to multiple online apps. Learn how to keep it secure. 


Easy ways to remember complex, un-crackable passwords.

A 30 minute Q&A session will follow the live presentation on Zoom.

Stoan Bartel

 In this 1 hour seminar Stoan Bartel gives you some essential tools that you can use right now, to make sure that you stay safe and protected online.  Whilst navigating the world of online transactions, messaging, and social media, you should be able to spot the fraudsters before they do any damage to you or your family, with just a few simple tips.

With 24 years of digital and online experience and a deep knowledge of the web and other platforms, Stoan shows how you can avoid the scams and bank, shop, email, message and use social media safely.

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