• What is a domain and how does it work?

A domain name has two functions: a web function and an e-mail function. Your domain name is the web address visitors to your site will type into their browsers. It is also the part after the “@” symbol in an e-mail address. A domain name is unique internationally, there can be no duplicates.

  • How do I know if the domain name I want is available?

Click here or use the domain search button on the home page to check. Type the domain name without the www and click the “GO” button. Note that this only checks domains. If you would like to check a .com domain contact us or use a service such as

  • Do I have to use a South African ( domain or can I have a .com?

You can have a .com but it is not included in the monthly subscription. The .com will cost an additional R20 per month depending on the price of your domain. Sought after domains are more expensive and that cost will be spread across the year and included in your monthly subscription.

  • How many pages can i have on my web site?

You can have up to 20 pages in your site provided it is just normal text content with one or two pictures. More complex pages are billed at a monthly rate depending on the nature of the page.

  • How does web hosting work?

A hosting server is just a computer connected to the internet with space allocated to different users who have signed up for a hosting account. Most web sites are hosted on shared hosting space that one can rent from a hosting company. A web site is uploaded and stored in its hosting space and the domain is pointed to that hosting space so that a visitor’s browser will know where to find the site.

  • What is the difference between an e-mail account and an alias?

An e-mail account is a virtual mail box created on a mail server (a computer that receives, stores and distributes e-mail) and is accessed with a username and password. If you have an existing e-mail address you can have an e-mail alias created which is really just an extra name before the “@” symbol. Mail from an alias is automatically directed into the main account (mail box). popWeb will create an alias at your own domain and point it to your existing e-mail address if you have one.

  • Can I update my own content?

If you are a popWeb Pro client you can update the content of your Blog. If you are a popWeb Premium client you can update all your content as often as you like.

  • Can I customise my website?

For popWeb Standard and Pro clients, you can adjust the colour and texture of the background on the header, body and footer. You can change the font, text colours and sizes.  You can also add your own company logo and/or name.  Premium websites are totally customisable.

  • How does a content update work?

popWeb will update your website’s content once a month as part of the service offering. This involves sending an email to support {at} In the email you will specify which page(s) need to be changed, and you will supply the new text and/or pictures for the page(s). A content update is limited to content changes (text and pictures) and does not include wholesale changes to your site structure and pages. You can add pages provided they are simple text with picture format and limited to two pages per update with the maximum of 20 pages as per the popWeb agreement.

See our Jargon Buster for information on internet and web terminology.